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Follow 5 Step to Earn Money from Facebook In-stream

Wondering how to get paid on Facebook?

Discover the power of VIDEO content – the game-changer for monetizing your Facebook page!

Tired of struggling to monetize? Videos boast higher engagement, providing a lucrative solution to your revenue challenges.

Dive into our guide! Learn the secrets to transform your Facebook videos into reliable income streams. Don’t miss out on the financial breakthrough you’ve been seeking!

Best Way to Earn Money from Facebook In-stream

While Facebook may not hold the same level of prominence it once did as a social media powerhouse, it continues to boast an impressive monthly active user base—surpassing 2.9 billion. To put that into perspective, Instagram stands at 1.3 billion, TikTok at one billion, and Twitter at 396 million.

Required Eligibility for Instream Facebook

Required Eligibility for Instream Facebook
Required Eligibility for Instream Facebook

Embarking on the journey of In-Stream Ads involves meeting specific criteria to ensure a seamless and compliant setup. Here are the essential requirements:

  1. Residence in an In-Stream Ads-Eligible Country: Verify your location to confirm eligibility for In-Stream Ads.
  2. Compliance with Partner Monetization Policies: Uphold and consistently adhere to the policies set forth for partner monetization.
  3. Business Page with a Follower Base of 10,000 or More: Establish and operate from a Business Page boasting a minimum of 10,000 followers.
  4. Accumulate 60,000 Minutes of Total Viewing Time: Over the last 60 days, ensure that at least 60,000 minutes of the total 600,000 minutes viewed include time spent on live videos.

Meeting these criteria positions you for success in implementing In-Stream Ads, providing a valuable avenue for monetizing your content and engaging with a broader audience. Stay compliant, build your online presence, and accumulate the required viewing minutes to unlock the full potential of In-Stream Ads on your platform.

In the past, Facebook users explored various avenues, from affiliate marketing to leveraging Messenger ads and selling goods on Facebook Marketplace, all in pursuit of earning money. However, monetizing on Facebook presents its fair share of challenges. The average reach of an organic post now lingers around 5% of a page’s followers, down from 7% in 2018. Even those opting for paid strategies with ads and sponsored content witness a gradual decline in their reach over time.

The silver lining lies in Facebook’s introduction of innovative ways to generate income, primarily tailored for entrepreneurs and creators boasting Facebook followings. Whether you’re aiming to supplement your income or attract more customers for your existing business, here are six avenues to monetize your Facebook audience in 2023, along with the requisite criteria for successful implementation.

First Step: Check your Facebook Monetization Eligibility

Before diving into the avenues of monetizing your Facebook content, it’s crucial to ensure eligibility. Your Facebook page and the content you share must align with the platform’s eligibility requirements, categorized as follows:

  1. Facebook Community Standards: These are the foundational rules ensuring a safe environment, prohibiting graphic or unsafe content.
  2. Partner Monetization Policies: Apply to your entire Facebook page, encompassing content creation, sharing methods, and online payment transactions.
  3. Content Monetization Policies: These are content-specific rules governing each post, emphasizing the exclusion of violent or profane content.

To assess your eligibility, head to the Creator Studio’s Facebook section and navigate to the Monetization tab. Choose the pages you want to evaluate for monetization eligibility, and find additional insights about monetization details for each page.


After achieving eligibility to monetize your Facebook content, maintaining that status is crucial for sustained success in selling on the platform. To stay eligible:

  1. Stay Informed: Regularly review and stay abreast of any updates to the platform’s Community Standards.
  2. Quality Matters: Uphold a high standard for your content. Ensure it aligns with Facebook’s guidelines and maintains a clean, reputable image.
  3. Rights Check: Confirm that you possess the necessary rights to post the content you share on your Facebook page.

Should, for any reason, your eligibility status change, Facebook will promptly notify you. Check the Monetization tab in your Creator Studio for detailed information on the reasons behind the shift in your eligibility status. Stay proactive in addressing any issues to ensure a continuous and successful monetization journey on Facebook.

Step by Step Guide: Earnn Money by Facebook In-stream

Step by Step Guide Earnn Money by Facebook In-stream
Step by Step Guide Earnn Money by Facebook In-stream

Maximize impact with non-intrusive, skippable video ads up to 15 secs long. Seamlessly placed between user-chosen content, ensuring engaged viewers. Ideal for 90+ sec videos, these ads captivate your target audience, making every second count. Elevate your brand—follow our concise guide for success!

Craft Compelling Videos Featuring In-Stream Ads

Harness the power of in-stream ads to captivate your audience effectively—especially advantageous for creators and brands with a substantial following. When users are engrossed in a Facebook video, they are more inclined to watch an entire ad if it ensures uninterrupted access to the original content. This stands in contrast to standalone feed ads, which users are more prone to skip. Make the most of this dynamic approach to enhance engagement and maximize the impact of your content.

In-Stream Ads Unleashed: A Case Study


When LIFEWTR, a bottled water brand, sought to boost brand awareness and foster a positive, creative sentiment, it turned to short in-stream ads strategically placed midway through feed videos and on Facebook Watch. Featuring visually compelling stories of its community art projects, the campaign achieved a remarkable two-fold lift in brand awareness and a 1.9 times higher ad recall.

Key Success Factors: LIFEWTR’s success lay in crafting in-stream ads that narrated a compelling story, effectively retaining the attention of an already-engaged audience.

Ready to Dive In? To replicate this success, envision your video goals and the stories you can tell about your brand. For mid-roll ads, consider incorporating one- to two-second natural pauses in your videos to seamlessly slot in in-stream ads.

Remember, aside from meeting Facebook’s eligibility criteria, your videos should exceed one minute in length. Influencers aiming to run in-stream ads need a minimum of 10,000 page followers. These valuable insights are especially pertinent for brands ready to invest in in-stream advertising.

Conclusion: My Words

Wondering how to monetize your Facebook content? The key lies in leveraging the potency of video content—a game-changer for transforming your Facebook page into a lucrative source of income. Tired of struggling to monetize? Dive into our guide to uncover the secrets that can turn your Facebook videos into reliable income streams, providing the financial breakthrough you’ve been seeking!

Facebook’s Dominance in Monthly Active Users

While Facebook’s social media dominance has shifted, its monthly active user base remains unmatched, surpassing 2.9 billion. In comparison, Instagram boasts 1.3 billion, TikTok 1 billion, and Twitter 396 million users. Despite challenges in organic reach, Facebook introduces innovative income avenues for entrepreneurs and creators with substantial followings.

Navigating the Monetization Landscape on Facebook

To monetize successfully, start by checking your Facebook Monetization Eligibility. Align your content with Facebook’s Community Standards, Partner Monetization Policies, and Content Monetization Policies. The Creator Studio’s Monetization tab provides insights into eligibility and guidelines.

Maintaining Monetization Eligibility for Long-Term Success

Once eligible, ensure ongoing eligibility by staying informed about platform updates, maintaining content quality, and confirming rights to shared content. Facebook promptly notifies of any changes, allowing proactive resolution.

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