Looking into your eyes

I am 16 years old! and people are always telling me that i am too young to love!! I am gonna prove them wrong! I am in love with someone that i love so much!

When he looks into my eyes i know that he is true! He is so good to me. I do not know where i would be if he hadn’t come in to my life! Kenny has always been there for me and every time i am lying on the bed or couch with him he just has this look in his eyes! the look of love! I try every day to show him how much he means to me and that I will never let him go.

When our eyes met, I see his eyes, the eye balls, the dark portion of his eyes. I can see directly to his heart through his eyes. I always think of him and think to ask many questions. I want to express my love with words to him. But when I look into his eyes, I melt in it. I am lost, my existence is lost. I am no where. All the questions seem meaningless and all the words seem meaningless. We talk the language of heart through eyes.

He is the type of person that i want to marry! Him and i have talked about it and i think him and i will make it! we have been through tough times and we have pulled ourself out of it! we are open and loving! We will last forever.

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