Secret Love

I met him accidentally not knowing that we could turn good friends. i know only by name, until one day i realize that we’ve been too close. not a single secret to each other. i never thought that you would be true to me the way you do. now, i am confused who really are you in my life. i am already engaged and as times goes by feel strange … i think i am falling for you. but how can i feel this, i was not suppose to love you, you’re too good to be true.

I thought i was the only one who feel this way. one day you got the courage to tell me that you love me dearly. i want to cry of what i heard. it can’t be true. you also got a girlfriend then same with me.

I tried not to be fallen for you coz i know i am just hurting myself. now, you and your girlfriend broke up, you told me that i am the only one in your heart and mind. but still i can’t love you freely, i still love him. i guess it’s not the right time for us. the love we felt was right but we felt it in a wrong time.

I wish though we’re not together these special feeling would remain in our thoughts and in our hearts. Just remember that i have loved you dearly as far as i know.

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