So strong Love

When I was just 4 years old, I started school, along with other children I didn’t know. It was scary on the first day, but it got better as the days went by. There was a boy in my class who I straight away loved! I was only 4 years old and I had found the one I wanted to be with forever!

I had kept my crush on him a secret, as I didn’t want him to find out. Day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year, I had this one big crush on him! I loved him more and more as the time went by. I don’t know why he was this attractive, whenever I looked into his eyes I saw love. Then when I was about 10 years old, my friends started to fancy him.

They told me about how much they loved him, but they didn’t know I had a crush on him since I was four, this crush was still a secret. Then at the end of Year 6 (the last year at primary school) it was time to decide what Secondary School we wanted to attend. Four schools had accepted me, and my crush was going to goto one of them. I begged and begged my mum to goto that school, and finally, I did.

The first day of Secondary School was also scary as the first day of Primary. I didn’t know anyone except for my crush, two of his mates, and only one of mine. I started to make friends quickly, and then me and my crush got put into two different classes! I couldn’t believe this! I weren’t in the same class as him! I guess it was a sign of moving on, because this relationship wasn’t getting us anywhere.

I began to see less of him, and more boys started to take his place. At first I thought I wasn’t doing the right thing by trying to forget him, but I knew it was for the best. I then started going out with them other boys, and hardly ever spoke to the boy I had loved since I was 4. Now I am still in that situation, when I hardly see him, and i am fancying other boys.

But whenever I walk passed him, look at him, think of him, I remember the times when I used to love him. He was my first love, and, although we are apart, we are together in my memory of 7 years of loving him, and we are together in my heart.

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