The first one, which lasted lifetime

It was all over between us, we broke -up. But somehow I believed he still loves even then, even now. I was walking with him, we were side by side. In the hallway at school. We talked like normal friends do.. but I felt the tension of love.. I know he did too.

All of a sudden, he put his arms around me the way he’d used to hold me close. I tried to pull away… i didn’t wanna be reminded of his touch, his embrace, it would hurt too much. I pulled away but still he held me close. He asked why I looked so scared of him…? I didn’t answer. He asked it yet again, and I faced him… I looked into his eyes.. and at that moment my heart bursted with love and my soul yearned to hold him tight and never let him go… Hold him so tight that he will come inside me, and mix with me… He will never separate with me. I didn’t mean to tell him how I truly felt but my heart opened my mouth for me and i said ,”I Love you, I love you so much. He pulled me gently to the side and there we looked into each other’s eyes… I felt as if his eyes was pulling me towards him. I could do nothing, but move towards him. We slowly got closer and our lips met.. I tried to pull away.. but our lips met again… yet again i pulled a way from his kiss… our heads were touching… our mouths less than an inch apart.. and again our lips met.. The soft and warm feeling, sweet taste and the feeling of love made me sticked to him more and more. It was gentle, sweet and sensual… The sweetest of all kisses… it lasted forever, through our life.

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