The precious gift

My boyfriend, Chris, and I have been together for most of the last three years. We met when we were in 5th grade. From the very beginning, we’ve had something rare and special between us. In the childhood, we didn’t care about it so much, but we wanted to spend time together. It’s kind of hard to put into words because a lot of our friends don’t understand the kind of relationship Chris and I have. It’s based on caring, respect & trust.

We feel so comfortable with each other and even though we’ve been physically attracted to each other, we both decided not to rush into doing the things that a lot of kids are age are doing. We’ve been teased about never “making out” and only giving each other hugs…but we knew that when it was meant to happen, it would. We’ve talked about kissing and shared our thoughts about what it would be like , or what we “thought” it would be like. A couple of times when he was at my house, we actually planned for it to happen, but for one reason or another, it just didn’t work out.

Well, on Christmas, Chris came over to exchange gifts for Christmas. We always hang out in my room and watch movies. Our friends were on the floor and Chris and I were on my bed. He had his head on my lap. I had been thinking sensual about him all night. My heart was beating faster just thinking about it.

We were playing cushion fight, and started tickling fight afterwards. As he went on tickling me, my heart pounded faster and faster. I was losing control in myself, and he was too. I just knew in my heart that it was the right time and that’s one of the things Chris has taught me ~ to follow my heart. He suddenly leaned down and kissed me…. When I felt his soft lips and hot tongue inside mine, I felt like melting on him. With closed eyes I saw the colors of rainbow and heart the song of love. He held me on my back and we kissed for a long time. With the kisses and hugs, I felt as if i was in heaven, with him inside me. I screamed with joy – I love you.

I swear at that moment…time just stopped for me. I’m not sure what I was expecting it to be like, but I knew when our lips touched that this had definitely been worth waiting for. I had never felt as close to anyone as I did at that moment. We kissed several more times that night and with each one, I fell a little more in love. I am so blessed to have someone like Chris in my life and I want him to know that our ‘first kiss’ was the most precious gift I’ve ever received:)

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